Blood Sucking Freak
The director of the notorious Blood Sucking Freaks speaks! Strap yourself in and let Joel M. Reed take you on a journey into the deepest and darkest nights of old New York-- when danger, sex, and sleaze always hung heavy in the air!
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Riffs & Meaning
A critical analysis of the career of the Manic Street Preachers and their 2001 record Know Your Enemy.
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The Wisdom Of Stupidity
A hilarious insider’s tale of success and failure in the pre-Youtube British TV and film industry, that also doubles as a comprehensive if useless guide to aspiring filmmakers.
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I Am The Dark Tourist
Dark Tourism is the practice of visiting sites associated with death. Participation increases, but dark tourism remains a mystery. This book challenges the misconceptions of a ghoulish practice through the eyes of a self-confessed dark tourist.
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The Beatles, or the ‘White Album’
Portrait of The Beatles aka the 'White Album', reflecting its eclectic nature through a series of personal responses to its music.
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Sweet & Savage
The revised first ever English-language book devoted exclusively to the shocking, controversial and influential mondo documentary film cycle.
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