Suburban Grindhouse
Grindhouse cinema wasn’t just found in big cities. This book explores the phenomena outside the metropolis.
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Bobby in Naziland
Brooklyn, 1955-64: A boy learns about life and death from the WWII vets and Holocaust survivors who surround him.
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Spectrum Compendium
A rare insider's view of the post-industrial music underground.
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More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets
Hong Kong films ripped through kung fu stereotypes in the 80s/90s. Here's the definitive tome on stunt hazards, pistol ballets, snarky gangsters and toothsome molls, hopping vampires, and Hong Kong noir.
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The Wisdom Of Stupidity
A hilarious insider’s tale of success and failure in the pre-Youtube British TV and film industry, that also doubles as a comprehensive if useless guide to aspiring filmmakers.
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Suburban Grindhouse
Spectrum Compendium
Wisdom of Stupidity


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