One comment on “Anthropophagus – The Music Hall Edition

  • williamkenny1812 says:

    Brilliant. I find contemporary culture and social mores completely alien. I feel like the man in the Ron Cobb cartoon searching in a wasted mandscape for somewhere to plug in his TV set, only the environment is more hospitable, but peopled with these self-created beauties staring into their phones as if they were mirrors. I think I would find a great deal of beauty, strangely, in Anthropophagous on a big screen, along with nostalgia. Odd, considering how thrilled, sickened and fascinated I was to simply read a synopsis of the film in the old days. Never saw it then. The mental movie it conjured was too intense. I really love the DVDs put out by 88 and the like, but feel extremely fortunate to have lived through the video boom. These youngsters will never know the like. I don’t like to generalise but I’m tired so what the hell – the defining characteristics of these people are overbearing smugness, complacency, crude lack of refinement and inability to appreciate the finer things – or anything, for that matter. They live in a relentless, sensation fixated advertisement, where everything is self-congratulatory and designed for ‘amusement’. Horror films were terrifying in the 80s – it was great. It’s the world that’s got scary, as Vincent Price may have said in Madhouse or Boris Karloff in Targets (yes, I’ve seen a few horror films too), and I’m not talking about Donald Trump, Covid-19 or N. Korea. I’d say good manners need to come back … and I never once saw a ‘please rewind’ sticker in the 80s. Lancashire video shop owners wouldn’t pay for them, I suppose. Thanks for a swell read.

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