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“Subtitled Hong Kong films are no longer considered odd,” says Stefan Hammond, co-author of More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets. Here are eight reasons why.

Hong Kong is no longer the world’s third largest film industry nor is it a British colony. It’s now (take a deep breath) the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Or just call it Hong Kong, or the HKSAR. However, the trailers below are very straightforward and represent eight movies that are entertaining, well made, accessible, and great introductions to the Hong Kong film universe. Don’t consider it a “Best Of” list, but one that is representative of the genres and filmmaker-specific chapters that are explored in the book, More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets.


A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)

Theatrical trailer, 720p (Eng subtitles)


PTU (2003)

Theatrical trailer, 480p (Chi & Eng subtitles)


Hard-Boiled (1992)

Original Hong Kong theatrical trailer, 480p (NO dialogue or subtitles)


Full Contact (1992)

German trailer, 480p (a few lines of dialogue, no subtitles). Cantonese song by Maria Cordero.


Mr Vampire (1985)

Theatrical trailer, 480p (NO dialogue, English titles)


Pedicab Driver (1989)

Fan-edited trailer, 1080p (ALL action, English titles)


Police Story 3: Supercop (1992)

US trailer, 1080p (English marketing-narration)


Zu: Warriors From the Magic Mountain (1983)

US trailer, 480p (English marketing-narration)


Hong Kong films ripped through kung fu stereotypes in the 80s/90s. More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets: The Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Film is the definitive tome on stunt hazards, pistol ballets, snarky gangsters and toothsome molls, hopping vampires, and Hong Kong noir. More Info




Eight That Rip

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