Bizarrism Vol. 2


Think the Weekly World News if every word was true.


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Bizarrism Vol. 2 collects further tales of high weirdness from around the world, including:

  • The curious death of Sherlock Holmes scholar Richard Lancelyn Green;
  • Baroness Eloise de Bosquet and the mystery of Floreana;
  • The strange odyssey of William Seabrook — writer, adventurer, cannibal;
  • JLB Smith’s obsessive search for the coelacanth;
  • The cult that promised eternal life;
  • The unexpectedly appalling story of Madalyn Murray O’Hair and the American Atheists;
  • Leonard Lawson — comic book artist and killer;
  • Padre Pio, Italy’s celebrity stigmatic;
  • The strange fate of Napoleon’s penis and other illustrious male members;
  • Ferdinand Sauerbruch — the senile surgeon;
  • Murder and mayhem among the Hare Krishnas;
  • The enduring enigma of ‘Somerton Man’;

Mikul brings these stories to life in meticulously researched accounts that will amuse, appal and intrigue, and leave you marvelling at the infinite strangeness of human beings.