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Gothic Tourism

Gothic Tourism is one of several books published as part of the ‘Palgrave Gothic’ series, aimed not only at academics but a more general readership. Review by Jennifer Wallis.

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Fight Your Own War

Editor and contributor Jennifer Wallis talks about power electronics, noise culture, and her new book.

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Deathpile – G.R. (LP)

We didn’t know this when putting together Mark Goodall’s Gathering of the Tribe, but are pleased to report that Deathpile’s G.R.—also covered in Jennifer Wallis’ book Fight Your Own War—is now available on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

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Reviews: Film

The Bridge

The Bridge (USA, 2006; dir. Eric Steel)
Review by Jennifer Wallis

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Power Snatched artwork by L Jamal Walton

Power Snatched artwork by L Jamal Walton