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Featured A THRILLER in Every Corner Part 2
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A Thriller in Every Corner, Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with A THRILLER in Every Corner author Martin Marshall. The darker side of the Brian Clemens’ anthology series, and novel tie-ins.

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Featured A Thriller In Every Corner
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A Thriller in Every Corner

MARTIN MARSHALL’s recent book, A THRILLER in Every Corner, is a meticulously researched valentine to the Brian Clemens’ series that captivated TV audiences in the 70s. In the first of two posts, fellow Thriller fan JENNIFER WALLIS speaks to Martin about the book and what it is that gives the series its enduring appeal.

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Main Image The Daemons

Doctor Who: The Dæmons

The Dæmons is a Doctor Who adventure in which devils come to life. Discussing the Nigel Kneale influence and its place in weird children’s TV of the 1970s.

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Doctor Who Spearhead from Space article logo

Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space

Showroom dummies are taking over the world! Once described as ‘highly coloured science fiction for older children’, David Kerekes takes a look at the nightmare that is Doctor Who, beginning with one of the most memorable shows.

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Top 3: Thriller episodes

Do you like your horror homely? Jennifer Wallis picks her top three Thriller episodes and considers their nostalgic and aesthetic appeal.

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Power Snatched artwork by L Jamal Walton

Power Snatched artwork by L Jamal Walton


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