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BUY THE BOOK On Life and Culture during Lockdown Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee “The Town Slowly Empties retains a raw and authentic tone, describing an experience from the inside, unmediated by time and memory.”

Sasha Dugdale,
from her Foreword
Cover of Town Slowly Empties

The Town Slowly Empties

A latter-day Journal of the Plague Year. Rekindles our ties with culture, and affirms friendship, empathy and love ...

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Cover of Rehabilitation of Thomas Mark Crites

The Rehabilitation of Thomas Mark

"Everyone knew I had it coming, even me." ...

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Cover of Noise Receptor Vol 1

Noise Receptor Journal: Archive Vol 1

The global post-industrial underground scene, with a focus on the dark ambient, death industrial, heavy electronics and power electronics ...

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More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets

More Sex, Better Zen, Faster Bullets

Hong Kong films ripped through kung fu stereotypes in the 80s/90s. Here's the definitive tome on stunt hazards, pistol ballets, ...

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The Town Slowly Empties audio teaser title The Town Slowly Empties - Audiobook teaser News & Book Excerpts The Town Slowly Empties is a calmly intense book. It is a measured reflection on the human condition—through life, art, cinema, literature and politics. It offers a lived perspective through culture during this extraordinary moment in time, a world in Read More Featured image What is Biblio-Curiosa? Interviews The other day I was listening to a podcast. It’s a music podcast that plays old and new punk/garage/rock type stuff. Bands I hadn’t heard of before I find I sometimes like, so I keep listening. Sometimes there are guests Read More Featured Image The Town Slowly Empties A Bird on the Branch of Tomorrow Interviews, News & Book Excerpts David Kerekes [DK]: How are you this morning? Have you done anything today you didn't do yesterday? Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee [MFB]: I am alright, thank you. I decided to take a walk in the neighbourhood today. Winters are good for Read More Title image In Praise of Noise: The Deafening Silence of the Pandemic Music, Other Opening a chapter of The Town Slowly Empties, an account of Covid in India, Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee writes: I woke up late morning. Just in time to catch the cry of the vegetable vendor. It was a sudden, welcome reminder of Read More Featured Sparky Oh Sparky “Sparky! Oh, Sparky!” The Charm and Chill of Children’s Records Music Last month it was announced that Paul McCartney would be re-releasing Rupert and the Frog Song, his animated short film originally released in 1984. The film’s central song, We All Stand Together, is also set for re-release as a picture Read More Texas Chain Saw wiping the van clean The White House Horrors: Comparing Monsters-in-Chief News & Book Excerpts Greetings from America, Headpress readers! As you know, the U.S. presidential election is almost here. Anxious times, to be sure, but I want everyone to know we’re hanging in there even after being thoroughly traumatized by the campaign and other Read More Doctor Who Spearhead from Space article logo Doctor Who: Spearhead from Space Other According to one online source, 861 episodes of Doctor Who have aired to date, a total running time of 17 days, 14 hours and 4 minutes. A Times article on the show’s twentieth anniversary noted sales to fifty-four countries and Read More 33 Trapped Chilean Miners Interviews One of the less conventional records of 2012 – but perhaps one of the more suitable (for that very reason) – has to be 33 Trapped Chilean Miners by the Ceramic Hobs. Anthemic, avant-garde, funny and disquieting, it was a Read More Clark Kent, Queen Victoria, and Alice: A Trip into 'Oedipus in Disneyland' Reviews: Books Advert for Molloy's book from the Berkeley Barb, May 1972. We all have those books on our shelves that we bought solely because they looked like they were just out there enough to be interesting. Oedipus in Disneyland: Queen Victoria’s Reincarnation Read More George and the Dragon, Sid James and Peggy Mount What we’re watching: Rocks, smut, and Sid James Reviews: Film Valley Uprising Released in 2014, this documentary seems to have been having a moment recently after landing on Amazon Prime (you can also stream it via the Sender Films website). The film charts the awe-inspiring and frequently terrifying exploits of climbers Read More Ladies and gentlemen, the “practically unsinkable” man! Other Picture the scene. It’s an autumn afternoon in 1883, and you’re walking down Exhibition Road in London. You enter the International Fisheries Exhibition at the north end of the street, the whole afternoon ahead of you. Inside is everything Read More They Don’t Make Movies News & Book Excerpts
Before the Internet and digital media, death was a strange and elusive beast. Death captured on film was uncommon and the exploitation of such footage was conducted in an almost hushed and reverential manner. Early images of
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Top 3: Thriller episodes Reviews: Film If you’ve exhausted your stock of DVDs and watched everything of interest on your streaming service, you could do worse than get hold of the Thriller boxset released by Network. This British TV series, broadcast between 1973 and 1976, consisted of Read More Uh-Oh, We’re in Trouble: Sweetness and Subversion in 90s Pop Music Shampoo
I intended to write a book review this week, having picked up a copy of Simon May’s The Power of Cute, which explores the proliferation of ‘cuteness’ in modern culture. Taking in everything from Hello Kitty and Mickey
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Fighting terror with trading cards in Reagan’s America Other
Perhaps in a few weeks, Tucson kids might be able to trade a Reggie Jackson or a Babe Ruth for a Moammar Gadhafi or a Charles Manson.Ed Severson, Arizona Daily Star, 13 Sept. 1987
As David
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The Popcorn King in the age of virus Reviews: Books Photo: David Kerekes
One good thing about being stuck indoors while the world burns is that you find yourself with time to do the little things, the ‘one day soon’ things, like reading the books at the bottom of
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5 Movies and 1 Fact About Each - Sundaysploitation Reviews: Film BOXOFFICE Josef Bogdanovich, 1982 [su_icon_text icon="icon: fast-forward" icon_color="#8b8b8b" icon_size="64"]Boxoffice is a low budget movie that I recorded off-air and had for years on videocassette, on the same tape with No Way To Treat a Lady starring Rod Steiger. The Steiger movie is Read More Two Ian Curtises News & Book Excerpts Unlike many stars who died tragically young, Ian Curtis left only fragments behind. Beyond the canon of Joy Division music and a smattering of televised performances, there is little, almost nothing, by way of recorded documentation.
Factory records, a
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Car Park Life Reviews: Books
As I savour the thrill of the landscape mutating in significance before my eyes, I realise that a car park can have as much mystery and magic as a mountain, meadow or lakeside. When we hurry through them with groceries
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One Of Our Dictators Is Missing Travel As I write this, it’s looking like recent reports of the demise of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been a little premature. Kim disappeared from public view on 11 April 2020, and rumours began to circulate that the Read More From snow globes to barb wire: Five History picks Reviews: Books
Barry Reay, Watching Hannah (Reaktion Books, 2002)
exaggerated and distorted sketches of the women pit-workers
I take any opportunity to recommend this book to people who have even a passing interest in 19th-century culture. Watching Hannah steps into
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Afterword - Goodbye, Joel M Reed News & Book Excerpts “And something flickered for a minute and then it vanished and was gone…”—Lou Reed
AKA Blood Sucking Freaks This is going to be a tough one to write. I’m sitting here at 4:16 PM on April
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Hex Errors: A clutch of cracked subtitles News & Book Excerpts By tradition, Hong Kong films were typically subtitled in both Chinese and English in on-screen prints and on VHS. This has changed as optical discs usually offer various options for subtitles. Translating Chinese into English isn’t simple, and multiple gaffes Read More Eerie Tales and Unsettling Stories: A Personal History of Teen Horror Fiction Reviews: Books My bookshelves are slowly but surely regressing back to childhood. One Bunty comic bought for nostalgia’s sake has spiralled into a shelf of carefully packaged back issues, and I’m not going to admit what I paid for the 1991 Read More A Stink in Suburbia News & Book Excerpts I began writing film reviews in 1981 in a self-made fanzine titled STINK, which ran for ten years. The fanzine had over 200 subscribers worldwide and I sold quite a few in NY/NJ record and magazine shops. Following this, Read More Hong Kong video rental News & Book Excerpts East Meets West: The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires Hong Kong leapt to the front page in 2019. But what made Hong Kong famous for decades is their creative, chaotic canon of films. Blinding stunt Read More The Lost Beatles: The Hollywood Bowl television ad Music
One of the inner sleeve images from the US pressing of The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. Record producer George Martin was asked by his young daughter
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Victimologies: Harriet and True Crime Fiction Reviews: Books I picked up Elizabeth Jenkins’ Harriet by chance while browsing the shelves of our local library. The minimalist grey cover was instantly recognisable as one of the novels published by Persephone Books, which specializes in ‘lost’ works by women Read More The Orchard End Murder and the Last of the Short Films Reviews: Film Something lurking in the orchard. Pauline's boyfriend needs to get back to the match. The Orchard End Murder
In an earlier blog I mentioned The Adventures of the Son of Exploding Sausage, a short film starring the Bonzo Dog Band.
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Don’t F**k With Cats and the Online Spectacle of Death News & Book Excerpts, Reviews: Film People kept telling me to watch Don’t F**k With Cats. But to be honest, I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing about Magnotta. When your husband writes about the history of snuff films, you can’t avoid this kind of Read More

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The Town Slowly Empties audio teaser title

The Town Slowly Empties – Audiobook teaser

An audio sample of the book, The Town Slowly Empties: On Life and Culture during Lockdown. On why we write, the writings of world authors and poets on the subject of pandemic, and the things that confront us in such times.

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Featured Image The Town Slowly Empties

A Bird on the Branch of Tomorrow

Speaking from his New Delhi apartment, author Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee chats about his new book The Town Slowly Empties, and of life and art and the problem of getting a haircut during a pandemic. David Kerekes chats back.

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