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Gathering of the Tribe: Acid

Vol 1 — A Companion to Occult Music On Vinyl. By Mark Goodall.

Vol 1 — A practical guide to the ultimate occult record collection.


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The records discussed in GATHERING OF THE TRIBE: ACID explore the key aspects of the acid experience, these being principally the way in which psychedelic drugs intensify sensory impressions (sound and vision); the ability to experience different dimensions simultaneously and mystical dimensions where the individual feels unified with the cosmos. This music also explores aspects of the infamous ‘bad trip’ or the ‘terror that was wrong’, where positive feelings are replaced by paranoia, depression, anxiety and disturbing flashbacks, the ‘other side of anguish’.

About the series

GATHERING OF THE TRIBE is an on-going series about the mysterious power of sound and tone, with each book devoted to reviewing records that reveal divine and cosmic laws, voyages to other worlds or use sound as a tool for transformation. While highly selective, the series offers a practical guide to the ultimate occult record collection.

Rare album sleeves complement each review.


Subtitle: A Companion to Occult Music On Vinyl Vol 1
Editor: Mark Goodall
ISBN PBK: 978-1-915316-03-5
ISBN EBK: 978-1-915316-04-2
Street Date: Nov 4, 2022
Category: Music / Occult / Drugs
Retail Price: UK £12.99 / US $19.95
Binding: Paperback
Size: 165mm x 165mm
Pages: 80 
Illos: 30 full colour album sleeves 

David HolzerUgly Things
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“Mark [Goodall] is first and foremost interested in the music but, throughout his listening life, this has led him to discover other things, journey into other art forms. When I spoke to him, he told me that the albums in the series weren’t chosen because, like a dictatorial conventional music critic, he believes people must have them in their record collection. It’s more about, he says, 'looking for obscure things that have been forgotten and bringing them back to life.' He’s certainly done that with Vol 3: Ritual. Within the brief, the selection is eclectic to say the least and includes exotica, film scores and curios … An ear-opening experience.”
Dave ThompsonGoldmine
“Unearthing albums that even committed occult collectors might have missed, with the full page color illustrations only one of the visual highlights within. Don’t let it pass you by.”
Sarah Gregory
“This is a visually stunning piece of work — Gathering is both enlightening and fascinating.”
Bobby SealPsychogeographic Review
“This second volume, Landscape, takes as its premise the powerful effect that a particular landscape, be it urban or rural, can have on a creative mind [...] this is an absorbing work that is both passionate and erudite. I look forward to reading further volumes..”
Darren Charles
Musique Machine
“A fascinating look at occult psychedelia during its golden age. Mark Goodall makes for a knowledgeable guide on our trip through the acid-tinged madness of the late 60s. One or two of the albums on the list represent new material to me and I had great fun hunting them down, wholly based on Goodall’s words.”
Dave ThompsonGoldmine
“Notionally, you could say these releases are tied into the on-going folk horror boom that preoccupies so much of the British (and elsewhere) underground these days; to do so, however, would be to overlook the allure that albums of this nature have long held for vinyl hounds and crate diggers. […] this is not your average book of record art or writing […] fascinating studies of their chosen themes.”
Ben Graham
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“Each book looks at a dozen or so LPs from the author's personal collection that fit a particular theme, with handsome sleeve reproductions and short essays on their origins, significance and respective artists..,. well worth checking out.”
Jonny TrunkRecord Collector
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“A cult classic in the waiting” [on the original Gathering of the Tribe book]
Kier-La JanisseSpectacular Optical
“I loved this book. There were enough familiar topics to hook me in, but in addition to its consciousness-expanding and historical insights, it operated as a vital guide through some of the world’s most challenging sonic experiments. Exciting connections appeared throughout, which meant that while reading I was constantly inspired, making notes of obscure tangents to follow once the book reached its end.” [on the original Gathering of the Tribe book]
Austin MatthewsShindig!
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“The key tenet of Goodall's proposition is that music can produce what he refers to as 'Heavy Conscious Creation' or a kind of 'altered state of perception'. This is not your average music tome and takes a far more philosophical bent than most… [Gathering of the Tribe] may indeed unlock some of the secrets within your record collection that hitherto you were unaware existed.” [on the original Gathering of the Tribe book]
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Mark Goodall

MARK GOODALL is an academic who teaches and writes about film and music. He is also a musician and composer, filmmaker and has worked as a journalist, bookseller, community artist, printer and cheesemonger.

Gathering of the Tribe: Acid

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