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Recognition Of Fertility Gods: Gathering Of The Tribe Playlists

Curated tracks from material that features in the series, Gathering of the Tribe. Features drug music, landscapes as sound, ritual music and more.

Volume 2: Landscape

Landscapes have long inspired the consciousness of creative artists. The tracks in this volume try to capture an immersive experience of being in a land by using sound, be the landscape rural or urban; real or imaginary.

Playlist Tracks
  1. ‘Ocean Sounds’ The Vancouver Soundscape, R. Murray Schafer
  2. ‎‘Awoke on a Ship’ City Hospital, Loscil
  3. Earth Groove, Pandit Pran Nath
  4. ‘Sisters of the Moon’ Chanctonbury Ring, Richard Hill
  5. ‘Rêverie De La Résonance’ Jeita, Francois Bayle
  6. ‘A Summer Long Since Past’ From Gardens Where We Feel Secure, Virginia Astley
  7. In A Landscape, John Cage
  8. ‘Part 1 - "Integration, (Non-Racial)....." Worlds Within Worlds, Basil Kirchin
  9. Abandoned Cities, Harold Budd
  10. Sinking Of The Titanic, Gavin Bryars
  11. ‘The Sow of Merrypit’ Theo Brown And The Folklore Of Dartmoor, Ian Humberstone/David Chatton Barker
  12. ‘4th Movement - Hair Pin (Virages Des Gazométres)’ Auto Jazz, Barney Wilen
  13. ‘Echoes’ Live In Pompeii, Pink Floyd

Volume 1: Acid

This volume explores the key aspects of the acid experience, principally the way in which psychedelic drugs intensify sensory impressions (sound and vision).

Playlist Tracks
  1. ‘The Trip’ LSD
  2. ‘Una Pietra Colorata’ The Trip, The Trip
  3. ‘Leila the Flatterer’ The Perfumed Garden, Chiitra Neogy
  4. Underground 12
  5. ‘Acid’ Acid, Ray Barretto
  6. ‘La realtà è grigia’ Acid delirio dei sensi, Orchestra Trovajoli e Lavagnino
  7. ‘Thème N° 3 Acid Christian Zÿsset
  8. ‘Percusiones’ Anticlimax, Jimmie Nicol/Gelsen Gas
  9. ‘Spy in Space’ Hell Preachers Inc., Supreme Psychedelic Underground
  10. ‘Etreinte Métronomique’ Popera Cosmic, Les Esclaves
  11. ‘Trip X’ The Acid Test, Ken Kesey
  12. ‘SHe’ Seven Up, Timothy Leary/Ash Ra Tempel

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