Spectrum Compendium


A rare insider’s view of the post-industrial music underground.


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Spectrum: Ambient/ Industrial/ Experimental Music Culture Magazine was one of the most well respected underground zines dealing with post-industrial music in the late 1990s to early 2000s, with a particular focus on the dark ambient, death industrial, heavy electronics, power electronics, neo-classical, martial industrial and neo-folk genres.

This book reproduces facsimile pages of all five issues of the rare, out of print issues of Spectrum Magazine, plus the unpublished issue No 6. It also includes much new material that puts the music scene and its culture into perspective.

I can only recommend Spectrum — one of the best print mags in this genre.Tesco Organisation Germany
Amazing work, really cool to see these zines again.Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk, MZ.412
These issues are legendary and historically very significant! Thanks for making them available again.Stephen Petrus, Murderous Vision / Live Bait Recording Foundation

Featured interviews: Bad Sector / Black Lung / Brighter Death Now / Caul / Cold Spring / Crowd Control Activities / C17H19No3 / Death In June / Der Blutharsch / Desiderii Marginis / Deutsch Nepal / Dream Into Dust / Endvra / Folkstorm / Genocide Organ / Gruntsplatter / Hazard / House Of Low Culture / I-Burn / Ildfrost / Imminent Starvation / Inade / IRM / Iron Halo Device / Isomer / John Murphy / Kerovnian / Knifeladder / LAW / Malignant Records / Megaptera / Middle Pillar / Militia / MZ.412 / Navicon Torture Technologies / Nový Svĕt / Ordo Equilibrio / The Protagonist / Raison D’être / Sanctum / Schloss Tegal / Shining Vril / Shinjuku Thief / Skincage / Slaughter Productions / Spectre / StateArt / Stone Glass Steel / Stratvm Terror / Terra Sancta / Tertium Non Data / Toroidh / Tribe Of Circle / Warren Mead / Vox Barbara / Yen Pox

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A compilation CD of exclusive tracks was originally intended to be released with Spectrum Magazine issue no.6. Prior to its cancellation, five contributions had been received. These five tracks are now compiled as an exclusive digital compilation, only available with the special hardback edition of the book via this website.

The original intention was for the compilation CD to be framed around a theme based on the word/idea: ‘re:(e)volution.’

This is the thematic instruction issued to contributing artists in 2002:

Notwithstanding that ‘re:(e)volution’, does not exist as an actual word, by virtue of how it is written and punctuated, it can actually be broken down into various separate words and interpreted accordingly. Therefore the idea is to compose a track on how you perceive the word ‘re:(e)volution’, interpreting as you choose. This theme will also flow through to the interviews where you will be asked to comment on your perception of the theme. To further solidify the theme between CD and magazine, Spectrum #6 will also have the subtitle of “the ‘re:(e)volution’ issue”. Furthermore, the compilation CD will represent the flagship release for a new label that will use the name of ‘re:(e)volution’ for its title.

As for suggested interpretations of ‘re:(e)volution’, the following could provide some ideas:

– revolution (socio/political)

– revolution (RPM/circular rotation)

– ‘regarding’ evolution

– re-evolution (further evolution of a species, concept and/or idea)’

Details of each of the five submitted tracks are included below.

Track 1 : Toroidh : My Will Extended/Wermland

Recorded in 2002 as an exclusive composition. Unreleased until now.

Track 2 : Navicon Torture Technologies : Mvtatis Mvtandis

Recorded in 2002 an exclusive composition. It later appeared on the DTA Records 3xCD compilation Tonal Destruction [II] from 2003.

Track : Militia : They Marked The Path

Submitted as an advance track from the Everything Is One album, which was finally issued in 2005.

Track : Isomer : Confirmation Bias

Recorded in 2002 as an exclusive composition. Unreleased until now.

Track : Chaos As Shelter : Re[evolution of] verses

Recorded in 2002 as an exclusive composition. Unreleased until now.

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