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Are You In The House Alone?

Growing up with gargoyles, giant turtles, valerie harper, the cold war, stephen king and co-ed call girls: a tv movie compendium

When the Movie of the Week ruled the airwaves!


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Featured as one of Barnes & Noble’s Best Horror Books of 2017.

Beginning in the 1960s through its heyday in the 1970s and beyond, the telefilm remains an important cultural artefact masquerading as disposable entertainment. Made specifically for the small screen, within the tight constraints of broadcasting standards, what these humble movies lacked in budget and star appeal, they made up for in other ways. Often they served as an introduction to genre films, particularly horror, mirroring their theatrical counterparts with a focus on sinister cults, women in prison, haunted houses and even animals in revolt. They were also a place to address serious contemporary issues—drugs, prostitution, sexual violence and justice—albeit in a cosy domestic environment.

Production of telefilms continues to this day, but their significance within the history of mass media remains under-discussed. ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE? seeks to address this imbalance in a series of reviews and essays by fans and critics alike. It looks at many of the films, the networks and names behind them, and also specific genres—everything from Stephen King adaptations to superheroes to true-life dramas. So, kickback and crack open the TV guide once more for the event that is the Movie of the Week!

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AMANDA REYES is a freelance writer and podcaster who focuses on the made for television movie genre, with her blog Made for TV Mayhem and its companion podcast. She currently lives in Austin, TX.

Chris Mikul

CHRIS MIKUL is a Sydney-based writer and publisher of the long-running zine Bizarrism, which is devoted to all manner of real-life strangeness.

Dan Budnik

DANIEL BUDNIK’s book, Bleeding Skull!: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey, was published by Headpress. His second book covers 1980s action films. He co-hosts a podcast on made for TV movies with Amanda Reyes. His writing can be found on the blog Some Polish American Guy Reviews Things. He lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife and many animals.

David Kerekes

DAVID KEREKES co-founded Headpress and its imprint Oil On Water Press. He is author of Mezzogiorno (2012) and Sex Murder Art: The Films of Jörg Buttgereit (1994), co-author of Killing for Culture: An Illustrated History of Death Film from Mondo to Snuff (1994 & 2012) and See No Evil: Banned Films and Video Controversy (2001) and has written extensively on popular culture.

David Ray Carter

DAVID RAY CARTER is the author of Conspiracy Cinema: Propaganda, politics and paranoia from Headpress. He began writing about film in 2000. In addition to reviewing several thousand films, he has contributed essays to anthologies on topics as varied as comic books and professional wrestling. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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Jennifer Wallis

JENNIFER WALLIS is a historian and lecturer based in the UK. Her recent publications include the edited volume Fight Your Own War: Power Electronics and Noise Culture (Headpress, 2016) and ‘Small screen shockers: Rape-revenge narratives in the made-for-TV movie’ in Julian Petley and Xavier Mendik (eds), Shocking Cinema of the 70s (Bloomsbury, 2021).

John Harrison

JOHN HARRISON is a freelance writer based in Melbourne, whose interests include collecting vintage 8 & 16mm sexploitation loops and educational shorts, which he hopes to eventually archive and release on video and DVD. In his spare time, he runs a small mail-order business called The Graveyard Tramp, which specialises in off-beat items of pop culture memorabilia. In 2003 he curated an exhibition of vintage adult paperback cover art at The Basement Cafe in Melbourne.

Julian Upton

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CRITES lived and worked back and forth across the U.S., fulfilling capacities from Zamboni driver to Trust Officer. He was been actively involved in independent publishing for over twenty years and contributed much artwork to zines in that time.

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