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Any customer who orders the book KEEP IT TOGETHER! is entitled to a copy of this EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION CD of RARE and PREVIOUSLY UNISSUED tracks by the Deviants and Pink Fairies.

  1. Pink Fairies / The Snake 12:19
  2. Pink Fairies / Uncle Harry’s Last Freakout [abridged] 10:13 Live Grantchester Meadows 1971. Previously unreleased. Recorded on a reel-to-reel tape recorder from the audience at the Country Comfort festival in Grantchester Meadows Cambridge probably late summer 1971. Line up: Paul Rudolph (guitar/vocals) Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson (bass) Russell Hunter (drums).
  3. Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun / The Ladbroke Groove 8:45 (Farren/Colquhoun) Previously unreleased. Recorded at Cyber Musik Studios Los Angeles March 2007. Line up: Mick Farren (vocals) Andy Colquhoun (guitars/bass/Apple Logic 7).
  4. The Deviants / Broken Statue 4:19 (Wallis/Farren) Live Dingwalls Dancehall London February 9 1984 (previously released on the Deviants Human Garbage Captain Trip Records 1998). Line up: Mick Farren (vocals) Larry Wallis (guitar) Wayne Kramer (guitar) Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson (bass) George Butler (drums).
  5. Pink Fairies / White Girls On Amphetamine 4:48 (Farren/Colquhoun) Live Long Marston Raceway 1987 (previously released on Pink Fairies Chinese Cowboys Captain Trip Records 2005). Line up: Andy Colquhoun (vocals/ guitar) Larry Wallis (guitar) Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson (bass) Russell Hunter (drums) Twink (drums).
  6. Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun / The Ladbroke Groove [radio edit] 4:22 (credits as track 3)

Many thanks to Ade Foster for recording and making the previously unreleased Grantchester Meadows material available and special thanks also to the Pink Fairies — Russell Hunter Paul Rudolph and Duncan ‘Sandy’ Sanderson — for permission to use it. All other tracks used with the kind permission of Mick Farren and Andy Colquhoun. Thumbs up to Mark Cotterill for remastering.

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