Wisdom of Stupidity (Coming Soon)

The true story of Smile Orange Films and how you can become semisuccessful for a short time like they did

Not yet published
It’s bloody awful but it will make you laugh.The Times (on Fatliners)

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So you want to make your first film? Well there’s never been a better time to do it! So get started NOW!!! By reading a book about how to do it first.

The Wisdom of Stupidity is an introduction to the art of filmmaking, a comprehensive manual to help you achieve your cinematic dreams, a book which, step-by-step, reveals every stage of the cinematic process: From conception to delivery. It’s that simple.

Successful chick-lit author and TT journalist Roy Devon leads us through the videographic process, using the life and work of Smile Orange Films as a case study. In his insightful book Devon tracks down these legendary masters of celluloid, cathode ray and Hi8, and, with their guidance, learns how to gain wisdom through stupidity.

The book provides original insight into the pre-Youtube British filmmaking scene of the 1990s that produced the likes of Shane Meadows and Edgar Wright. A time when the increased availability of camcorders meant that anybody could make a feature film, advertise it in fanzines and sell to fans around the World.

Outstanding.Henry Rollins (on I'llkillya!)
Smile Orange make exploitation movies and the beauty of it is they don’t have to answer to anyone.Variety
Oh my god. So funny.Robert Popper (Writer, South Park & Look Around You) (on Focus North)
The Hunt for the Yorkshire Grimace is British film at its best.Martin Coldrick, BBC
Viewers who stumbled on to this series were in for a treat.Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy (on Focus North)

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