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I Am The Dark Tourist

Travels to the Darkest Sites on Earth


Why would anyone want to visit sites touched by death in the first place?


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The most in-depth, most thoroughly researched, most thoughtful and thought-provoking and at the same time elegantly written books on dark tourism yet. Required reading!www.dark-tourism.com
NOTE: It has come to our attention that the first paperback printing of I Am The Dark Tourist has a misprint. Two of the images in the book are missing. This applies only to the paperback edition.

High quality copies of the two pages affected can be downloaded here.

Naturally this will make the mispress edition extraordinarily collectable in years to come (probably). But if you own a copy of the mispress edition get in touch with us for a discount on your next purchase from Headpress here. (Use the subject heading: “Dark Tourist” and date/source of purchase.)

Copies now ordered directly from the Headpress website do not contain the misprint.

Dark Tourism is the practice of visiting sites associated with death. While participation increases, dark tourism remains a mystery, regarded as the tourist industry’s dirty little secret. This book challenges the misconceptions of a ghoulish practice through the eyes of a self-confessed dark tourist, who has spent forty years visiting the world’s dark sites.

From the cobbled streets of Whitechapel on a Jack The Ripper walking tour to the snowy suicide forest of Aokigahara, Japan, H. E. Sawyer ticks off the darkest sites on Earth in his book I Am The Dark Tourist. He examines how some sites seek promotion beyond their physical boundaries, employing education to disassociate from the dark tag, whilst others wish to remain hidden from our curiosity.

In the course of his travels he wrestles with the ultimate question regarding dark tourism; why would anyone want to visit sites touched by death in the first place?

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