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Legacy of Blood

In-depth study of the slasher movie — its history and conventions. Includes over 200 film reviews.


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The slasher movie is the bloodiest incarnation of the modern horror film, tainted by criticisms of misogyny yet remaining on and off a box-office draw for thirty years. Combining in-depth analysis with over 200 film reviews

Legacy of Blood is the most comprehensive examination of the slasher movie and its conventions to date, from Halloween to Scream — the re-defining genre hit in the nineties — and beyond.

Part One:

A history of the slasher movie. Examines the roots and emergence of the genre looking at landmark films and points of historical relevance. Includes a discussion of the genres decline in the late eighties and its subsequent popularity in the late nineties.

Part Two:

An examination of the conventions surrounding slasher movies. Divided into four main categories: The Heroine: The star of a slasher movie is almost always female. Looks at the reasons for this and the implications of it as well as any variations. The Killer: A close examination of the axe-wielding maniacs integral to the slasher movie. Location: Location and a sense of history are equally important to the genre and the many variations are discussed. Parents and Authority Figures: These have a definite role within the genre and are integral to the development of both the killer and the heroine.

Part Three:

Reviews of the many slasher movies. Entries A-Z

Part Four:

Fun pieces and ephemera. Before They Were Famous. Seasonal Slashers. International Slashers. Alternative Titles. Banned Films.

Jim Harper


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