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A treasure trove of countercultural riches.Modern Woman

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A massive survey of publications that exist outside the mainstream, Psychotropedia provides detailed reviews (and ordering information) for a breath-taking cross-section of books, zines, catalogues and other media. Learn about the skills no one wants you to have: Beating lie detectors, Hacking cellular phones, Growing magic mushrooms, Giving yourself oral sex.

Get the inside stories on: The Oklahoma City bombing, sex work, cockfights, Men In Black, breast implants, Mother Teresa, offshore money havens, free energy, suppressed treatments for cancer AIDS.

Psychotropedia covers these and hundreds of other touchy and unorthodox topics. More importantly it tells you exactly how you can find out more for yourself.

Book of the Month — Mayfair

The truth might not be out there but it’s certainly in Psychotropedia — Kerrang!

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By Russ Kick
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