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Bizarrism Vol. 2

Think the Weekly World News if every word was true.


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Bizarrism Vol. 2 collects further tales of high weirdness from around the world, including:
  • The curious death of Sherlock Holmes scholar Richard Lancelyn Green;
  • Baroness Eloise de Bosquet and the mystery of Floreana;
  • The strange odyssey of William Seabrook — writer, adventurer, cannibal;
  • JLB Smith’s obsessive search for the coelacanth;
  • The cult that promised eternal life;
  • The unexpectedly appalling story of Madalyn Murray O’Hair and the American Atheists;
  • Leonard Lawson — comic book artist and killer;
  • Padre Pio, Italy’s celebrity stigmatic;
  • The strange fate of Napoleon’s penis and other illustrious male members;
  • Ferdinand Sauerbruch — the senile surgeon;
  • Murder and mayhem among the Hare Krishnas;
  • The enduring enigma of ‘Somerton Man’;
Mikul brings these stories to life in meticulously researched accounts that will amuse, appal and intrigue, and leave you marvelling at the infinite strangeness of human beings.

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Chris Mikul

CHRIS MIKUL is a Sydney-based writer and publisher of the long-running zine Bizarrism, which is devoted to all manner of real-life strangeness.

Glenn Smith

GLENN “GLENNO” SMITH is an art mercenary, paying the rent in Sydney with his wonderful wife Gina and the beginnings of an army of vengeful cats. He spends most of his time drawing wizards for doom bands and spikey lettering for bands that don’t care if the text is legible or not. He teaches illustration, plays in a band called Chinese Burns Unit and can be found in a sitting position at his desk most hours of the day. Glenno is also making inroads into the dysfunctional world of fine art, curating and exhibiting in a vain hope to seem legit and adult… not to mention gathering cult-sized numbers of followers via Instagram. Consider his refreshing Kool-Aid at #glennoart.