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Creeping Flesh Vol. 2

The Horror Fantasy Film Book

Horror and fantasy cinema from around the world with a distinctive retro sensibility.


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Double Shock Double Impact! 

Horror and fantasy cinema from around the world with a distinctive retro sensibility Creeping Flesh returns for more obscure and vilified horror movies and an appreciation of British exploitation.

Creeping Flesh 2 follows the success of the first volume with another highly entertaining and informative mix of the classic and the obscure in exploitation movies and archive television.This all-new collection has reviews interviews and features on cruel fantasy cinema cheerleader films of the 1970s, Triad cinema, Australian fantasy, children’s television fantasy and much more.


Part 1: Cinema of Cruelty

  • THEY CALL HER ONE EYE by Jan Bruun. One of the main inspirations behind Kill Bill, this notorious 1974 rape-revenge movie remains banned in Europe and is cut by 22 minutes in the US. Synapse are presently working on a DVD release. Creeping Flesh 2 is proud to feature an overview of the film and an interview with its director Bo Arne Vibenius.
  • THE RAPE-REVENGE FILM: EXPLOITATION vs HOLLYWOOD by Richard Hurley. I Spit on your Grave vs The Accused or no-budget vs big budget.
  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA: TRIAD MOVIES by Andreas Kilroy. When we refer to the term Triads what usually comes to mind is the Chinese equivalent of the Italian Mafia or the Japanese Yakuza. What usually comes to mind when we think of a Triad motion picture is violent action and bullet-ridden bodies.
  • DAHMER An interview with director David Jacobson, by John Harrison
  • TWISTED NERVE by Andy Murray. A collaboration between the Boulting Brothers and Leo Marks who wrote Peeping Tom.
  • REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS by Paul Armentano. The short lived subgenre of the 1970s Cheerleader film.
  • WHATEVER HAPPENED TO WAR DOG? Andreas Kilroy asks the question.


Part 2: Down Under Fantasy Cinema

  • THE EERIE ABORIGINE by Julian Upton. The films of David Gulpilil or the violent clash of the New and Old Worlds in seventies Australian cinema. Includes Walkabout and The Last Wave.
  • RAZORBACK AND ROAD GAMES by Gary Ramsay. Two films written by Everett De Roche.
  • LIVING IN THE LAND OF OZ by Gerard Alexander. Interview with Chris Lofven, director of the Australian Wizard of Oz, 1976.
  • JACK BE NIMBLE by Jerome Leavey, 1992.


Part 3: Classic Television

  • SAPPHIRE AND STEEL by Andrew Screen (and David Kerekes)
  • CHILDREN’S TV HORROR: Escape Into Night, Children of the Stones (Andrew Screen)
  • OUT OF THE UNKNOWN Dead of Night: An Exorcism, by Kim Newman
  • THE NIGHTMARE MAN by David Kerekes
  • PLAY FOR TODAY: PENDA’S FEN by David Kerekes
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