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Ports of Hell

A novel by Johnny Strike

A picaresque story that borrows from all the pulps, including crime, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and horror.


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A picaresque story that borrows from all the pulps including crime sci-fi fantasy adventure and horror.

Ports of Hell tells the story of Jamie Coates, a young man who falls in with Elias who claims to be from Lemuria. On Elias’ instructions, Coates travels to Thailand and Mexico and later Hawaii and Sri Lanka, acquiring brutal enemies and caught in a struggle that threatens his sanity and life. Conspiracy themes are in play throughout.

A writer first and foremost, author Johnny Strike is a founding member of the seminal US Punk band Crime.

Geoff Nicholsonprose editor, Ambit
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“I sometimes despair of finding good new writers then along comes someone like Johnny Strike.”
John Shirleyauthor of Black Butterflies and screenwriter on The Crow
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“Johnny Strike's novel shows us a writer with a future part of the confluence of underground and genre influences that makes American fiction exciting.”
City Lights
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“In the tradition of the finest of pulp, Johnny Strike spins out a yarn that explores a dreamlike underworld inhabited by uber-criminals and agents of control. Borrowing from genres as diverse as sci-fi crime fiction and horror he delivers an allegory that all at once operates as satire and expose of the darker side of modern life.”
William S. Burroughs(1982)
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“Just got around to reading the pages you sent and was agreeably surprised… If as I do you see the artist as a map maker then these are real maps of real places. That is what marks the artist, he has been there and brought it back.”
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Johnny Strike

A writer first and foremost JOHNNY STRIKE is a founding member of the seminal US Punk band Crime.