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Creatures of Clay

And Other Stories Of The Macabre

Short stories that will interest followers of HP Lovecraft with its inclusion of several unconventional Lovecraftian/Cthulhu Mythos tales.


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Disturbing horror tales which plumb the depths of nightmare, madness and the supernatural.

These fractured dream-like tales are snapshots of the dark world of teeming evil within the dungeons of the soul. Creatures of Clay represents Stephen Sennitt’s best work as exhumed from small press horror zines — much of it long out of print. Juxtaposing the elegant nightmare prose of Robert Aickman and Thomas Ligotti, the book has a lurid pulp aesthetic, derived from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos and the Skywald Horror-Mood comics of the seventies.

You will find within a schizoid infatuation with sepia cellars, black crawling pits, filth encrusted walls, lycanthropic teenagers, evil little toys, calcified vampire-beings, disembodied sex maniacs, reptilian alien fiends, hypnotised mad women, corpses with living eyes, bloody Rorschach blots, beetle clocks, 4D sound, terra cotta demons, human snails, and basements full of suffocating dead things…

Will appeal to collectors of weird fiction and general horror fans alike.

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Stephen Sennitt

Best known as the creator and publisher of the (in)famous ‘occultzine’, NOX (1986-1992) the author’s first full-length book was Monstrous Cults (New World Images, 1992) a study of the devolution of mankind’s spiritual consciousness over vast epochs, with an introduction by the respected poet Peter Redgrove. Sennitt’s other forays into cultic territory include a pioneering work about The Process Church Of The Final Judgement and contributions to numerous magazines and anthologies, including Rapid Eye, EsoTerra, The Lamp Of Thoth, Chaos International, Dark Doctrines, Starfire, Formaos, Joel Biroco’s Kaos and Carl Abrahamsson’s The Fenris Wolf. From 1997 Sennitt became a regular contributor to David Kerekes’ Headpress magazine and is also the author of two Headpress books – Ghastly Terror! The Horrible Story Of The Horror Comics (1999) and a collection of his weird fiction Creatures Of Clay (2003). He is also a major contributor to Headpress’ The Complete Illustrated History Of The Skywald Horror-Mood (2005) and Fight Your Own War (2016). Other horror fiction and comics work appear in Creation Books’ Red Stains and The Starry Wisdom – A Tribute To H. P Lovecraft, John Gallagher’s Bedlam and Saga Of The Victims and Peter Normanton’s From The Tomb and The Mammoth Book Of Horror Comics. In 1997 Sennitt helmed a new occult imprint, Logos Press which released four titles. A compilation of some of the Logos material, The Infernal Texts: NOX & Liber Koth is published by Original Falcon, now in its third edition. Counter Productions referred to Sennitt as a ‘small-press legend’ and he has received numerous accolades from many voices in the underground scene, a testament to his contribution for thirty-five years to magick/occult studies and the wider culture of transgression.