Two glorious decades of low-budget monster movies, horror comicbooks, glow-in-the-dark model kits, sci-fi trading cards,


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From low-budget horror films to grisly comic art, from lurid movie magazines to late-night creature features, from campy monster toys to exploitation poster art, Trashfiend takes a loving look at ‘disposable’ horror culture from the 1960s and 1970s.

Packed with reviews, trivia, rare illustrations, exhaustive technical information, and written with a humorous but insightful flair that is sure to engage both hardcore fans and the curious alike, author Scott Stine picks up where his self-published Trashfiend magazine left off for a fun, albeit critical look at an often overlooked genre that is considered trash!

Includes over a hundred reproductions of rare ad art, as well as vintage books, toys and magazines from the era, with eight pages of glorious, garish color.


1. Up From the Depths • Preface
2. It’s Only a Movie • Film Reviews
3. The Darker Side of Soul Cinema: The Creature Features of Black Cinema • Article
4. It’s Only a Black Horror Movie • Film Reviews
5. The Ghouls Go West: The Horror Westerns of William Beaudine • Article
6. Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula (1965) & Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1965) • Film Reviews
7. Cal Bolder: The Boy Toy of Frankenstein’s Daughter • Interview
8. Dredging Crater Lake with Richard Cardella • Interview
9. The Crater Lake Monster (1977) • Film Review
10. John Stanley’s Nightmare in Blood • Interview
11. Nightmare in Blood (1975) • Film Review
12. Pat Boyette’s Dungeons of Harrow • Article
13. Dungeon of Harrow (1962) • Film Review
14. Pat Boyette Selected Horror Comic Checklist (1966-1979) • Reference
15. The Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters of Rankin & Bass • Article
16. Mad Monster Party? (1967) & Mad, Mad, Mad Monsters (1972) • Film Reviews
17. Blood on the Canvas: The Art of the Belgian Window Card • Article
18. The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones • Interview
19. Bruce Jones: Selected Horror Magazine Checklist (1968-1979) • Reference
20. Those Marvelous Monsters: A Look at Marvel Comics’ Horror Magazines • Article
21. Marvel Monster Magazine Checklist (1964-1979) • Reference
22. Marvel Monster Magazine Artist & Writer Index (1964-1979) • Reference
23. Digesting The Haunt of Horror • Article
24. The Haunt of Horror Digest Index (1973) • Reference
25. Cut Down to Size: The Golden Age of Horror Digest Magazines • Article
26. Horror Fiction Digest Checklist (1960-1979) • Reference
27. Monsters on Parade: Shriek! The Monster Horror Magazine • Article
28. Shriek! Magazine Index (1965-1967) • Reference
29. Warren’s Hastily Erected House of Horror • Article
30. Reel Monsters: Collecting 8mm Horror Films • Article
31. Wally Wood’s Mars Attack! • Article
32. Mars Attacks! Trading Cards Checklist (1962) • Reference
33. Monsterabilia • Article
34. Sleepless in Seattle: Up All Night With Nightmare Theatre • Article
35. Keeping an Eye on the Count: Chuck Lindenberg, Camera One • Interview
36. Sweeping Up After the Count: Dave Drui, Floor Director • Interview
37. Sources
38. Acknowledgements
39. About the Author