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Gigs From Hell

Gigs that have gone wrong — true stories as told by the bands who lived them.


Gigs From Hell

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From the dankest rat hole basements to flash arenas here is a wild ride through rock’n’roll’s nightmare moments. Rife with hellfire confessionals straight from the bruised lips of hundreds of jobbing bands Gigs From Hell strips the mythology and starry-eyed allure of life on the road to its barest essentials puke rip-offs come-downs and the odd stab at glory.

Collected and translated from drunken rock-speak by speedball music writer Sleazegrinder, Gigs From Hell is a rare glimpse into what its really like to live and survive at the front-line of the music industry no holds barred full speed ahead the most cringe-worthy moments fully intact.

Foreword by Vadge Moore drummer for the Dwarves.

Will appeal to anyone who has ever picked up a guitar!